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Do I need another blog?

Yes. This is the place for inane banter, views, news, odd photos, things that don't fit on another blog. If there's time.

My other blogs:

Jamie's Phuket
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All of these are about Phuket / Thailand, and this one will also be on the same track. I guess it can be used to comment on the news, add short posts about food or daily rants, y'know like a normal blog. Let's see how it goes.

Just in the process of getting some decent internet at home. We have a choice between a wireless option from the C.A.T which costs 10,990 Baht plus 790 per month, or a satellite option from the TOT which is free to set up, but 1500 per month. Will be decided next week. Once we have proper internet in the house instead of a cruddy dial up, the blogging can be expanded. Just recently I have lacked time an energy to blog much on "Jamie's Phuket". I have ideas of things to add, but need time to go out, visit places, take photos and compose a decent article.

A Monk in Thailand? They are pretty common, right? Just to clarify - my name is Jamie Monk. I am not actually wearing orange robes.

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