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A new Motto for Great Britain..Whatever.

I have just been reading something that makes me quite glad not to be living at "home" in the UK.

1,000 Mottos for the UK

Gordon Brown is trying to be very British. The BBC article says the words "Britain" and "British" got 81 mentions in his speech to the Labour Party conference on Monday!

If you have half a day free you can read all 1,000 suggestions sent in to the BBC. I will try to cherry pick a few below...

Britain: Whatever

Britain: At least it's not France/Germany/America (delete as appropriate)

Britain: Musn't grumble

Britain - all it needs is a coat of paint

The United Kingdom - Are we bovvered?

UK: Obesité, Apathé, Hostilité

Victoria Concordia Crescit - Victory Grows Through Harmony

To quote Pink Floyd, "Holding on in quiet desperation"

Leave. Before that is banned too.

We're not scary. However, our friend Mr. United States is, I think you'll agree.

Britain: Come and 'ave a go if you think yer 'ard enough

Britain: Whats on the telly tonight?

Britain: actually, it's quite nice (a rare positive spin!)

Not waving but drowning

UK motto: "Quick, pretend to be doing something useful"

Land of Hope and Glory - Mother of the Free! Huzzah!

Britain: Mind the gap

Two world wars and one World Cup

Lager, Lager, Lager

Do not worry, my Lord. I have a cunning plan

War Is Peace.
Freedom Is Slavery.
Ignorance Is Strength.

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle


Our diversity is our strength

We came, we saw, we conquered, then we gave it back. Frightfully sorry.

I really ought to do some work... that's not a motto, though it could be.

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