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I just read this on the excellent Beer Asia Blog:

"I sometimes consider moving back to the UK on the basis of the beer alone but memories of the insane levels of taxation, traffic, laws, regulations and all the other crap always manage to bring me back to my senses."

It's true, the beer in Thailand is not very good. I tend to drink Chang, which is cheap and has some flavour. But in general, it's all rather poor lager. Just found last week that Nikitas Bar in Rawai beach is selling Beer Lao, which I had not tried before - hey, not bad at all! I can recommend Nikitas - on the beach, quiet, relaxed.

You can buy Guinness here in a few places like the irish pubs and the Green Man, but it'll cost you a pretty penny. Might just treat myself after the vegetarian festival - a Sunday lunch and a pint of Guinness...

This week is the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. I have been eating the Jae food as much as possible the last few days but had to wash it down with a few beers! Will try this week up to the end of the festival to stay dry.

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