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Pickled Onions

Most of the time I am quite happy to eat Thai food and don't really feel any "need" for good old English cuisine. Maybe a full English breakfast once every few months, maybe a roast dinner once a year, but most days I am happy with local food - I mean, Thai food IS very good. I'm not bored with it after years here.

A couple of weeks ago I met Steve, who has a little business called "The Shires Pie Company". He brought me a few samples of pies and bread - great bread! Even my wife, who normally doesn't eat bread, was impressed and now steals bites of my morning toast. We dropped by Steve's house last week to get more bread and also bought a couple of pork pies and a scotch egg - yep, he makes all that and more! The house is full of ovens and fridges, and Steve and his wife spend all day baking. He's making food for a few restaurants now and generally only makes to order.

Anyway, Pickled Onions.... now there's something I confess to missing. Steve called me yesterday and said he had some ready. Despite the rain, I called in on the way home and have enjoyed munching away on a few already. Now need a pork pie to go with them!

If you are in Phuket and want some English pies or pickled onions or bread or scotch eggs or sausage rolls... just leave your email here and I can send you Steve's phone number. Good food!

Pickled Onions

(above) Pickled Onions - Aroy Mak Mak!

Pickled Onions  |  A Monk in Thailand

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