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Pretending to not be interested in football

On a day like today I pretend that football is just a game and I don't really care. England failed to qualify for the Euro 2008 finals after losing 2-3 at home to Croatia. According to what I read, England were rubbish. No point blaming the manager, although he can take some can the players, so can the English FA, so can the fans who did not stick by the team, so can the cynical press who always see the worst.

It's just a game.

We're losing but my hair's dry

Man Cold

I have a man cold. And there's nothing worse than a man cold. And how can you get a "cold" here anyway, darn it. The weather is warm. So I guess I have a "bug" rather than a cold. I have to dose myself with orange juice and hope my kids don't catch it.

Boro Pat

Certain things from home do tickle my funny bone from time to time. Imagine a foul mouthed Postman Pat - it's just funny, OK?