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Pornstar Laundry

Pornstar Laundry

The sign above is on the back road in Patong (Nanai Road). The name "Porn" is quite common in Thailand, either as a nickname or as part of the full name. For example Pornchai, Waraporn, Siriporn, Somporn, Porntip, Thitiporn, Weeraporn or Supaporn - there are many more... but I cannot believe there is actually someone called "Pornstar".. surely not.

Even as a long time resident, quite used to seeing porn (ha ha) I could not help but give a schoolboyish smirk at the Pornstar Laundry sign. Nearly as funny as the Pattaya bar sign which proclaims "Liquor in the front, Poker in the rear"...

Too Funny - Thai Blog

I just found a blog with fantastically funny English. Try this:

"We deeply look promote to humid you to Phuket hotel to segment this great sand and the breath-winning views of Bangtao shore hotel choice spa.

At Phuket Hotel; You can hint its organic beauty which blessed by an composed restful climate, blonde dirty coastes, rock sheer turquoise water. These Phuket Hotel attractions are initial from the pinpoint of Island."


"Phuket Hotel in Phuket Island, Thailand is an island untrue from a reverie; a complete combine of opalescent seas and brilliant navy skies, draped in a doubtful curtain of coconut palm fronds."


"Truthfully, the only difference between you and Phuket Hotel skilleds is time. If you'll invest a little more time in sense, you'll be that awfully faster to skilled rank when it comes to Phuket Hotel."


"Bang tao bay is just north of Kamala shore, this 8 km. grimy shore with an 18-gulf golf course is correct for swimming, sunbathing and water sports.

The shoreline is lined with some posh routes called Laguna Phuket, most of which are part of an integrated route organism.

When word gets around about your authority of Phuket Hotel evidence, others who want to know about Phuket Hotel will begin to actively obtain you out."

it keeps on like this:

"This Island have many Phuket hotel in this land for your scale to surplus. Some Phuket hotel are height loss but some Phuket hotel are reverse."


The original is here, though a quick Google search finds the same cr*p copied and pasted on a bunch of "spamblogs" by people who have no idea what they are copying. This was (it says) written by "Maypopup M". Well done and thanks for the laugh Maypopup.

If you really want to know about Phuket, see Jamie's Phuket (my blog)

Heath Ledger

Was quite a shock to see the news this morning. Heath Ledger, just 28 years old and one of my favourite actors, found dead in his appartment. My sympathies to his friends and family. My favourite Heath film was not even mentioned on the BBC website obituary.... Casanova - me and my wife love this film.

Nadi Phuket

Just wanted to quickly say the words "Nadi Phuket". I found this when doing Google searches for Phuket and thought it might be a new hotel (you know, like Chedi Phuket, Andara Phuket or Amora Phuket - which are all real hotel names). Wrong. Google the name "Nadi Phuket" for yourself and find out. Can she maybe change her name to Nadi Bangkock? Not sure I like my island home being associated with her...

See you in Thailand!

Jamie's Phuket Blog

The Phuket Blog started in April 2006 as a way of showing some of Phuket's lesser known places, and the places that we like to visit, our favourite restaurants, etc.. After a while the blog started to get some visitors and I added some more general information and categorised blog posts to make navigation easier. I started a weather blog too and a few other blogs where odd bits and bobs can be added.

Between them, the Phuket Blog and Phuket Weather Blog average about 500 visitors per day, and the blogs are doing quite well in the Google searches, which is where most of the visitors come from. With the addition of various affiliate links, Google ads and so on, a few Baht is trickling in now, but certainly not enough to live on! That would be the dream - doing the blogs full time.

Yesterday I decided a bit of brand protection was in order, so I visited GoDaddy and bought the domains,, and which all redirect to Jamie's Phuket Blog.

I hope to have plenty more to add to the Phuket Blog over the coming years, while the weather blog gets an update every few days, or more often if the weather is exciting or something newsworthy happpens in Phuket.

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Look out for the latest entry on the Phuket Blog all about my favourite local Phad Thai shop in Karon Beach...

Phad Thai Aroy Mak

Phuket Pronunciation | How do you pronounce Phuket?

Endless schoolboyish giggles surround the pronunciation of Phuket, and indeed Phi Phi, while everyone is mystified by the new Bangkok Airport - Suvarnabhumi.

Phuket is my home, so I get a bit annoyed sometimes by people saying Fookit or FooKet or anything else with an F sound. There is no F in Phuket, but the transliteration of Thai words is sometimes nearly impossible. You can see signs in Phuket to the same places with slightly different spellings. So how do you actually pronounce "Phuket"? The "Ph" in Phuket is a hard P sound, but not as hard as a normal "P", slightly softer with undertones of "B"... The island was once called Bukit, which is the Malay word for "hill".

No F'ing please! The correct pronunciation of Phuket is "Poo-ket", though as I say, the P is softened slightly, the K can sound more like a G and indeed the final T is not a hard T either. Easy, right?

Oh, and Phi Phi is "Pee Pee", which could be funny if you are 6 years old, like Phuket there is no F in Phi Phi. Oh, and Phi does not mean ghost.

What of the new Bangkok airport - Suvarnabhumi is how it's written, but Soo-wa-na-poom is how you pronounce it. The V is a W, the R is silent, the BH is a P and you skip the I. With 4 M's and a silent Q.

Best Wishes from Fookit.


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