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The Phuket Blog started in April 2006 as a way of showing some of Phuket's lesser known places, and the places that we like to visit, our favourite restaurants, etc.. After a while the blog started to get some visitors and I added some more general information and categorised blog posts to make navigation easier. I started a weather blog too and a few other blogs where odd bits and bobs can be added.

Between them, the Phuket Blog and Phuket Weather Blog average about 500 visitors per day, and the blogs are doing quite well in the Google searches, which is where most of the visitors come from. With the addition of various affiliate links, Google ads and so on, a few Baht is trickling in now, but certainly not enough to live on! That would be the dream - doing the blogs full time.

Yesterday I decided a bit of brand protection was in order, so I visited GoDaddy and bought the domains,, and which all redirect to Jamie's Phuket Blog.

I hope to have plenty more to add to the Phuket Blog over the coming years, while the weather blog gets an update every few days, or more often if the weather is exciting or something newsworthy happpens in Phuket.

Jamie's Phuket
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Look out for the latest entry on the Phuket Blog all about my favourite local Phad Thai shop in Karon Beach...

Phad Thai Aroy Mak

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