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I just found a blog with fantastically funny English. Try this:

"We deeply look promote to humid you to Phuket hotel to segment this great sand and the breath-winning views of Bangtao shore hotel choice spa.

At Phuket Hotel; You can hint its organic beauty which blessed by an composed restful climate, blonde dirty coastes, rock sheer turquoise water. These Phuket Hotel attractions are initial from the pinpoint of Island."


"Phuket Hotel in Phuket Island, Thailand is an island untrue from a reverie; a complete combine of opalescent seas and brilliant navy skies, draped in a doubtful curtain of coconut palm fronds."


"Truthfully, the only difference between you and Phuket Hotel skilleds is time. If you'll invest a little more time in sense, you'll be that awfully faster to skilled rank when it comes to Phuket Hotel."


"Bang tao bay is just north of Kamala shore, this 8 km. grimy shore with an 18-gulf golf course is correct for swimming, sunbathing and water sports.

The shoreline is lined with some posh routes called Laguna Phuket, most of which are part of an integrated route organism.

When word gets around about your authority of Phuket Hotel evidence, others who want to know about Phuket Hotel will begin to actively obtain you out."

it keeps on like this:

"This Island have many Phuket hotel in this land for your scale to surplus. Some Phuket hotel are height loss but some Phuket hotel are reverse."


The original is here, though a quick Google search finds the same cr*p copied and pasted on a bunch of "spamblogs" by people who have no idea what they are copying. This was (it says) written by "Maypopup M". Well done and thanks for the laugh Maypopup.

If you really want to know about Phuket, see Jamie's Phuket (my blog)

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