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Gazza needs help

There is something sad about seeing a talent go to waste. Fame can destroy. So much pressure to perform and be a superstar forever. It happened to George Best, happened to Maradona, is certainly happening to Britney Spears and may have tipped actor Heath Ledger over the edge. Some people can't handle all the attention and all the money and all the chances to do anything they want. It can go to your head. Fame. The ultimate drug.

Paul Gascoigne was a very talented footballer, one of the best. Magic, and an entertainer too, but right now he needs help. He's been in trouble with the bottle, he's been arrested for assault and now he has been detained under the Mental Health Act after an "incident" at the Gateshead Hilton Hotel.

I remember very clearly Gazzas tears at the World Cup 1990 and I remember sitting in a hotel room in Colombia in 1996 watching him score a cracker of a goal against Scotland in the European Championship. I recall the Fog on the Tyne and would like to send these happy memories of Gazza over the internet. Chin up Gazza. Maybe Vinnie Jones should pay him a visit?

Vinnie Jones and Gazza

Gazza needs help  |  A Monk in Thailand

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