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Happy Valentines Day

As I understand it, Valentines Day is an old festival, dating back nearly 2000 years but was not originally anything to do with romantic love. It was reborn in the modern age as another great way of making people spend money and making them feel guilty if they don't. Cards, flowers, gifts, holy cow we just had Christmas and now we have to spend more?

Thailand goes Valentine crazy. Hearts and flowers everywhere. Another good excuse for a party, to eat out, to drink whisky ... oh and to show someone that you care.

Today we closed our shop early to be with loved ones. My wife was shocked to see me home so early! We have been out for dinner at Laem Hin Seafood, had a nice evening.

My daughter made a us heart at school. Lovely. That's what it's about. None of this be my Valentine rubbish, or "I love you and to prove it I have spent lots of money on flowers". Family. Love them. Cherish them.

Happy Valentines Day  |  A Monk in Thailand

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