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Wayne Rooney Arrested in Phuket. Not!

When is a Rooney not a Rooney?

Following the Phuket Gazette’s report “Wayne Rooney arrested in Patong”, in which an Englishman was involved in an accident in which a Thai motorcyclist died on Sunday, police have now confirmed that the Englishman’s name is Wayne Robert Washbourn.

The Englishman was initially named by Lt Col Serm Kwannimit of Kathu Police as Wayne Rooney, the same name as the England national squad player and Manchester United star footballer.

The Gazette understands the pressures local police are under and how such a simple mistake could be made.

Striker Rooney is in Manchester United’s starting lineup for their UEFA Champions League clash against Lyon, which will be televised live from 2:30 am tomorrow on Channel 7.

C'mon the Reds!

Not sure if Rooney has ever been in Phuket, but I will happily buy him a beer if he shows up at my door :)

(above) Wayne Rooney

Not Roooooney!
(above) Not Wayne Rooney at all

Phuket Gazette - our local rag

Wayne Rooney Arrested in Phuket. Not!  |  A Monk in Thailand

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