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I've been nobbled.. Who brought the Hob Nobs?

Hob Nobs - one nibble and you're nobbled. They are not kidding. Hob Nobs were one of my staple foods when I was a student (along with Bachelors Savoury Rice and a tuna and pasta concoction that we called "Tuna Splat"). I could eat a pack of Hob Nobs in a single sitting at 11:30pm after last orders at the local pub, washed down with a cup of Yorkshire Tea.

It's been years since I have been nobbled. Maybe you can find a Hob Nob in Thailand somewhere, but I'm not going on a mission to find them. You just have to let go of the past sometimes. However, sometimes you can't help but reminisce. I wrote a little blog article about English food recently, mentioning my love of bacon, eggs, chips and beans and also mentioning such delights as Fig Rolls and Hob Nobs.

Well, someone brought me some Fig Rolls not long ago (Thanks Adam!) (see: Thanks for the Fig Rolls), and now.... I arrived at work on Sunday to find 2 packets of Milk Chocolate Hob Nobs on my desk. A total mystery. No note, no name... our accountant said an "older" English couple had brought them... Thank you! Who are you?

Hob Nobs

Peter Kay says the Hob Nob is like the SAS of biscuits... All hail the Hob Nob!

Liege & Lief - Fairport Convention

I'm not really a big folkie, but the album Liege & Lief by Fairport Convention has long been a favourite of mine. I don't own any other music by them, though there are some Richard Thompson songs I like. There's just something about this album, it just flows. Apparently it was voted Best Folk Album of all time a couple of years ago in a BBC vote. The album was recorded in the aftermath of a tragedy when the groups tour van crashed, killing 2 band members. The music is great, and I have found most of it on YouTube...

Farewell, Farewell


Crazy Man Michael

Come All Ye

The Deserter

Some Radiohead

No Surprises


Karma Police

High & Dry

Ceremony (Joy Division cover)

Who will win the league? Who's going down?

Endless football nerd fun. The BBC website has a Premier League Predictor - you can fill in your predicted results for all remaining games this season and the table updates to create your predicted final standings. Then if the table doesn't turn out quite as you'd hoped you can endlessly change results to ensure that Liverpool do win the league (hint: they can't lose any games and hope that the other Big 3 slip up several times). After playing around a while I ended up with the top 4 seperated by just 2 points. There are a bunch of key clashes coming up with the Big 4 all playing each other. It really is a 4 horse race this year (well, maybe 3 and a half). My final table says goodbye to Derby, Bolton and Fulham, but (aside from Derby) there are 6 teams at the bottom seperated by 5 points, so again, it's all to play for. Happy Predicting!

BBC Premier League Predictor

Thanks for the Fig Rolls

Fig Rolls are very tasty indeed. Some time ago I wrote on Jamie's Phuket about English Food and mentioned that I had occasional cravings for English things:

"I sometimes get cravings. I went through a Branston craving a couple of years ago. Any family member or friend visiting Phuket was asked to bring more Branston. I recently had a pickled onion craving too. And I must say a packet of chocolate Hob Nobs would be most welcome any time. Thanks to the web site Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down for reminding me of Hob Nobs. Oh and Fig Rolls, mmmmm. Damn, can someone send me some Fig Rolls? Wish I hadn't thought about that now. Got another craving."

To my great surprise I had a Facebook message from a guy called Adam offering to bring me some fig rolls and sure enough a couple of days ago he called in to the Sunrise Divers office to say hello. Thank you! You are a star!

Can I just add that I miss English money, so if you have any spare 50 pound notes, they'd be much appreciated. Or a can of Spitfire Beer, or some licorice comfits or licorice allsorts or any licorice at all really.

And now a Fig Roll photo story...

Packet of fig rolls
Oh, that looks too tempting...

Open fig roll packet
I'll just rip off the wrapper and take a look

Fig rolls on a plate
So beautiful, so perfect...

I love fig rolls