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Thanks for the Fig Rolls

Fig Rolls are very tasty indeed. Some time ago I wrote on Jamie's Phuket about English Food and mentioned that I had occasional cravings for English things:

"I sometimes get cravings. I went through a Branston craving a couple of years ago. Any family member or friend visiting Phuket was asked to bring more Branston. I recently had a pickled onion craving too. And I must say a packet of chocolate Hob Nobs would be most welcome any time. Thanks to the web site Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down for reminding me of Hob Nobs. Oh and Fig Rolls, mmmmm. Damn, can someone send me some Fig Rolls? Wish I hadn't thought about that now. Got another craving."

To my great surprise I had a Facebook message from a guy called Adam offering to bring me some fig rolls and sure enough a couple of days ago he called in to the Sunrise Divers office to say hello. Thank you! You are a star!

Can I just add that I miss English money, so if you have any spare 50 pound notes, they'd be much appreciated. Or a can of Spitfire Beer, or some licorice comfits or licorice allsorts or any licorice at all really.

And now a Fig Roll photo story...

Packet of fig rolls
Oh, that looks too tempting...

Open fig roll packet
I'll just rip off the wrapper and take a look

Fig rolls on a plate
So beautiful, so perfect...

I love fig rolls

Thanks for the Fig Rolls  |  A Monk in Thailand

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