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Who will win the league? Who's going down?

Endless football nerd fun. The BBC website has a Premier League Predictor - you can fill in your predicted results for all remaining games this season and the table updates to create your predicted final standings. Then if the table doesn't turn out quite as you'd hoped you can endlessly change results to ensure that Liverpool do win the league (hint: they can't lose any games and hope that the other Big 3 slip up several times). After playing around a while I ended up with the top 4 seperated by just 2 points. There are a bunch of key clashes coming up with the Big 4 all playing each other. It really is a 4 horse race this year (well, maybe 3 and a half). My final table says goodbye to Derby, Bolton and Fulham, but (aside from Derby) there are 6 teams at the bottom seperated by 5 points, so again, it's all to play for. Happy Predicting!

BBC Premier League Predictor

Who will win the league? Who's going down?  |  A Monk in Thailand

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