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Welcom to Thailand. We Spik Inglish.

I have said in the past that I would not take the p*ss out of bad English here in Thailand until I speak fluent Thai. Sorry, couldn't resist this one:

Phuket, I'll fly with Air Asia

See, although we all know how to pronounce Phuket, some people still seem to think it's funny to make it sound a bit rude. And who is better at being a bit rude than anyone else - yes, the Aussies. I once travelled across Africa with a group, one of whom was an Aussie called "Rocky". If he was thirsty he'd be "dry as a nun's C**t". Having a bad day - he's "happy as a bastard on father's day". You get the idea.

Phuket, I'll go.

This photo was floating on the web, uncredited - if you took it please do let me know so I can credit it! The ad for Air Asia was done by De Pasquale Advertising. They also did "Ho Chi Minimum Fare" and "More Bang for your Buck to Bangkok".

Anyway, there do seem to be a lot of Aussies in Phuket. All welcome.

Art or Exploitation?


I'm not a great debater, so I'll give a brief statement.

I find the image on this magazine offensive. I think that's because I have a 6 year old daughter and would never allow any naked picture of her to be in public view. In fact I try to keep any pictures of my kids off the internet, off my blogs. There are just too many perverts out there. I hate to imagine some sad git drooling over the picture above, even if the girl in the picture says she is proud of it (mind you, her mum was the photographer and her dad is an art critic).

It comes from an Australian art magazine cover, they say they used this image as a protest against the closing of an art exhibition which depicted naked children.

BBC News Story

Ride Me!

The use of the English language in Thailand is often a source of merriment, but I tend not to mock, since my Thai is terrible and I really should be making more of an effort. On the other hand I am not trying to write advertising or product names in Thai.... I bought some "oil control facial foam" recently, nothing funny about that. The name was "Exit". Nothing funny about that really. It was only after I was using it that I noticed what was under the "Exit" logo ...

Ride Me facial foam

It takes all sorts to make a world...

My tiny middle class, albeit well travelled mind, does not quite know what to think about this... Normal?

Pregnant 'man' has baby girl

An American man who was born female but underwent gender realignment, has given birth to a female baby, US media have reported. Both Mr Beatie and his daughter are reported to be doing well in a hospital in Bend, Oregon.

Thomas Beatie, 34, is legally male but kept his female reproductive organs after having breast surgery to remove glands and flatten his chest.

He was inseminated using sperm from an anonymous donor. The birth was natural, a source at St Charles Medical Center in Bend told ABC News, and took place on Sunday.

Mr Beatie, who sports a wispy beard, made headlines around the world when he revealed in April that he was pregnant.

He told chat show host Oprah Winfrey it had been his dream to one day have a child.

"I opted not to do anything with my reproductive organs because I wanted to have a child one day," he said.

Mr Beatie grew up in Hawaii as Tracy Lagondin and was a Girl Scout, model and finalist in a teenage beauty pageant.

He began to live as a man when he was in his 20s and officially changed his gender, he told People magazine.

He has been married for five years to wife Nancy.

Mr Beatie's obstetrician, Dr Kimberly James, told Oprah Winfrey in April: "This baby is totally healthy. This is what I consider a normal pregnancy."

BBC News Story