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What to do in Phuket when it's raining?

Chang Beer

Not really! Well, I guess some people might be happy to just sit in a bar, watch the rain and get slightly drunk, but please! Don't sit around moping and feeling sorry for yourself if it's raining in Phuket! Go get a massage, go watch a movie, visit a museum or the aquarium or do a yoga or cooking class, or if the rain is not too bad, carry a small umbrella and head to old Phuket Town for a walk. And that's just a few suggestions. More about this on my Jamie's Phuket blog ...

Things to Do in Phuket on a Rainy Day

Snakes in Thailand

I've not had to many run ins with snakes in the 11 years I've been living here. Never seen a really huge one except at Phuket Zoo.. oh and I have seen banded sea snakes many times while diving in the Similan Islands - they are really poisonous but totally ignore divers. Snakes are a fact of life here. Our house is close to a big tree-covered hill, not in the middle of town, so we do expect a snake now and then. A couple of years ago, we'd get one every week, but normally just small things. A couple of baby cobras... which makes you think "where's mama?". We have had hardly any in the last 2 years - we have 2 cats which I think is enough to deter snakes.

My wife called me at work a few weeks ago saying she'd seen a big one in the garden but it had slithered away, then she saw it hanging on a tree next to our house. We do worry about snakes since we have 2 kids. She was worried this one would come back - and it did! I saw it hanging on the gate a couple of days later - about 3 feet long, green colour, and aggressive. It really did not like being hit with a spade. Liked it even less on the second hit. Well, I'm not a killer, but I'm not a vegetarian either and don't want a poisonous snake near my kids!

Today a Phuket resident posted a photo on Facebook, a snake that was in his garden yesterday. It is venomous? (he asked). Damn right - here's the snake below:

It's a red necked keelback. I did some reading and found a great website about snakes in Thailand - - anything you want to know about snakes in Thailand is here - lots of pictures, some videos, explanations of which snakes are venomous / dangerous.. it says of the red necked keelback : "Be very careful not be be bitten by these snakes. There is NO ANTI-VENIN available yet for these snakes." My friend (whose house is just a few hundred meters from mine, called the local police and they sent a team to deal with it, and they let it go! Hey, it might come to our house! I prefer to whack with a spade first, ask questions later. I have been reading the snakes in Thailand website this evening in order to recognise some of the real nasty ones like the Malayan Pit Viper. Never seen one, don't want to!

Thailand Got Talent!

You have to check out the video below from the Thailand's Got Talent TV show (same format as the same show round the world). Pretty girl, no? Nice voice too... Keep watching...