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What to do in Phuket when it's raining?

Chang Beer

Not really! Well, I guess some people might be happy to just sit in a bar, watch the rain and get slightly drunk, but please! Don't sit around moping and feeling sorry for yourself if it's raining in Phuket! Go get a massage, go watch a movie, visit a museum or the aquarium or do a yoga or cooking class, or if the rain is not too bad, carry a small umbrella and head to old Phuket Town for a walk. And that's just a few suggestions. More about this on my Jamie's Phuket blog ...

Things to Do in Phuket on a Rainy Day

Thailand Got Talent!

You have to check out the video below from the Thailand's Got Talent TV show (same format as the same show round the world). Pretty girl, no? Nice voice too... Keep watching...